Glass Pottery

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The Most Popular Wine Glass Rack

Buying wine glass racks for your restaurant or house is not a demanding duty. Actually, finding the wonderful wine glass rack will be fast and simple if you do research in advance.

The first thing that you will want to do is decide how large of a glass rack you will need. It is also important that you decide what style wine rack will work best in your home or restaurant. Next you will need to decide how much you can afford to spend on your rack.

Wine glass racks are available in various sizes. Several racks are able to hold so many wine glasses, while others don’t. When you’re considering buying a rack for your house, you’ll almost certainly want to buy a small wine rack.

Wine glass racks come in many different colors and styles as well. Wood wine rack seems great and go with nearly all decors. Wooden wine glass racks are available in almost any color finish. Thus, it is easy to find a wooden wine rack that fits with your decoration.

When you’re searching for a wine rack which is a little more modern, then maybe you need to consider obtaining a metal wine glass rack. Metal wine glass racks are not only stylish but also more weightless than wood racks. It makes easier to install the metal racks.

It’s also essential that you consider wall wine rack. Some wine glass racks come with hardware to install them over a bar or kitchen island. Other brands are made to hang vertically on the wall.

If you don’t have the wall space for a hanging rack, you might want to consider getting a cabinet with a built in wine glass rack. The cabinets are nice because they often have a place to store a few wine bottles and a corkscrew as well.

It’s essential that you don’t sacrifice quality for an excellent price. You want to get a rack that is durable and can last for several years to come.

You need to do certain research and try to find a few reviews of wine glass racks. Nearly all main online retailers have a site for people to review the products. It will be very useful when you’re buying a product. When you choose a wine glass rack, you should ensure to return the favor and write your product review!

Porcelain – The Best of Chinese

Among different types of ceramic, porcelain is one of the most beautiful and expensive Chinese-made ceramic. Though it has been firstly made by Chinese, later it spread all over Europe and many people started making it. In this article you will learn more about porcelain.

Although many of the imitations resembled porcelain at first glance, all of them were made of soft-paste clays. It remained for a German named Johannes Boettger to turn out the first true European porcelain in the year 1709.

By experiments with the fusing of clays, Boettger discovered the secret of making a high-fired mixture of fusible and non-fusible silicates of alumina, called by the Chinese petuntse and kaolin, and in English china-stone and china-clay.

Boettger was first to realize that Chinese porcelain could be made with potter’s material alone. Because of its translucence, other experimenters were certain the Chinese had mixed glass with clay. In effect, as Boettger proved, they did. The Orientals, however, instead of fusing finished glass with clay, fused the raw ingredients.

From Boettger’s factory at Meissen sprang others making hard-paste porcelain comparable with the Chinese and Japanese. The spread of European porcelain-making, though, was relatively slow, since the manufacturers attempted to monopolize the secrets of their trade. Competing potters were not above hiring spies in each other’s potteries to snoop for secrets. We are told, for example, that the brothers Elers in England employed none but deaf mutes at the Staffordshire plant, to prevent their techniques from leaking out to competitors.

Both by spying and by independent discovery, the secret of making genuine porcelain was known in virtually every European country by the end of the 19th century. It was the dawn of a new golden age in European ceramics. Names like Wedgwood, Spode, Delft, Minton, Irish Beleek and Meissen became synonymous with fine china. These famed manufactories are a fascinating study in themselves.

Modern science has removed the aura of secrecy which once surrounded ceramics. Today the tyro ceramists, in their own kitchen, can produce the most beautiful objects with little difficulty. More and more people are indulging their desire for self-expression through this medium. They are finding how easy it is to make fine pottery inexpensively and enjoyably. Save for the hobbyist’s own imagination, there is virtually no limit to what can be done by you.

Now a days, though it is difficult to get original Chinese made porcelain, but many other fine and unique Chinese made ceramic can be found.

Glass Pottery

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Art & Craft - Making a Glass (Pottery)

Frequently Asked Questions...

Any info regarding value of a cut glass crystal decanter please?

Best Answer...


A cut glass decanter can cost as little as 30 Pounds and can exceed £1000. It depends on the quality, the manufacture and the name. Have a look at the following sites.

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